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Studio 2

Studio 2

UPDATE April 2013 - New Audio on the archive!

GFM Radio was started in 1988 (yes that's right Granada Media Group, Radio Ghana, and Radio Gloucester, we did say 1988) by students in Yorkshire.

The station broadcast sporadically between 1989 and 2004 on a number of different frequencies in a diverse range of locations. The regular locations were

In addition to these, GFM also broadcast briefly in Birmingham (1988) Ipswich (1990) and London (1994, 1995), plus test transmissions on 106 FM on the Fylde in 2004.

The people who had first conceived the station broadcast under the GFM aegis until 1996 and then packed up. In 2001 however the station was relaunched for arguably its most successful period of broadcasting, from the Fylde coast covering the area from Blackpool to Southport and everywhere inbetween. This continued until 2004. By this time, virtually the only thing linking the station to its original incarnations throughout the 80's and 90's was the name and some of the jingles - none of the original people remained. We weren't even on FM any more; the new management had decided to move to medium wave!

Since the beginning of GFM the various people involved have collected a shed full of technical and production stuff, stories, pictures, audio and video. A couple of skips of vinyl and CDs, some of which are NOT crap, and some of which were not stolen either by the DTI or by the low-life who booted in the door of our engineer's flat in London in 1994. A dustbin full of cables, mics, mixers, transmitters (some of which were made from parts already confiscated once by the DTI before mysteriously turning up on eBay) and a surge of other techy bits and pieces. We've even goaded one of our old engineers to oblige you with his banter.

The aim of this website will be to share some of these items with you. At the moment however, we only have the tech. pages, music page and audio archive online... but we promise there's more crap to come including scratchings from the walls of the newsroom facilities, and perhaps even a chance to listen to GFM (but don't hold your breath for this because it's ambitious to say the least).

In the meantime you can look at our technical pages and music reviews, and also have a listen to our audio archive, by clicking on the links in the menu bar above!

A Small Disclaimer!

There are only two of us left and our memories aren't what they were. After all it was almost 10 years ago now. So, sorry if any of the info, in particular the history and FAQ, disagrees with anyone else's version of events. This applies equally to both incarnations of GFM. Much of the information about the period 1988 thru 1996 was lifted directly from files from the proposed original GFM website to which we had access. Therefore we assume all this to be accurate. We have however filled in some "blanks" and made assumptions regarding the content of some of the archive items and photographs from this period. We know the 2001 period slightly better of course.

So finally, we'd like to give a shout to the people involved in the various GFM locations, wavebands and frequencies since 1988. You know who you all are.

Chris Davies, 2011

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